15 Best Restaurants in Midland, Texas in 2024 (must-try!)

Nestled in the heartland of West Texas, Midland is home to a thriving oil industry and has a rich history of ranchers that locals here are proud of.

They’re also proud of these amazing restaurants in Midland, as they should be – some of the best things to eat in Midland will rival that of anywhere else in Texas with incredible BBQ at Pachuco’s, world-class Italian at Luigi’s, and more.

I’ve visited Midland so many times on my travels to Texas, and I’m happy to be bringing you this guide on the best restaurants in Midland so you can see which ones fit your cravings for the day.

If you’ve got your own favorite Midland restaurant, let me know in the comments so I can add it to the list!

1. Pachuco’s

Photo credit: Pachuco’s Facebook page
This was 100% worth the hype!! We consider ourselves BBQ snobs but this exceeded all expectations!! I wanted something outside of just BBQ…so I got the Korean Loco Moco and it was amazing!!
Ashley, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-218-8806 | 📌: 316 N Big Spring St, Midland, TX 79701

This amazing restaurant in Midland is totally worth the hype, with a BBQ fusion menu that you really have to try for yourself.

The art work on the walls is beautiful, the interior welcoming, and the menu – amazing.

Try the Pachuco Patty melt, the burgers, the brisket, the housemade sausage, or the ribs!

Sides are plentiful, including beans, mac and cheese, and pickles and multiple flavors of BBQ sauces.

It’s perfectly located downtown, and locals flock here every day of the week to get their fix.

2. Wall St. Cocina

Photo credit: Wall St Cocina Facebook page
Well, I’ve finally found my favorite tacos in Midland and it’s the Tacos de Birria at Wall St Cocina. These tacos are on another level.
Ryan, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-247-1440 | 📌: 703 W Wall St, Midland, TX 79701

In the mood for some authentic Guadalajara style Mexican cuisine?

Wall St. Cocina is one of the best Mexican restaurants around, and some of the best food overall in West Texas.

I’m obsessed with the Estofado Torta, and the food portions are incredible for the price.

Other local favorites are the birria tacos and the burritos, as well as the quesadillas.

The atmosphere is fun, welcoming, and the food is always hot and fresh.

Top tip: there can be a bit of a kick to their flavors, so prepare for spice, and if you want something more mild, just ask the staff for the best milder options on the menu.

3. Flautas Juarez

Photo credit: Flautas Juarez Facebook page
Very delicious, best in town, we will definitely come back.
Truly recommended👍🏻
Leslie, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-222-0782 | 📌: 417 S Main St, Midland, TX 79701

From carne asada to the flautas plate, Flautas Juarez has some great options if you want fast and friendly food in Midland.

As you might imagine by the name, flautas are some of the best here, and they also sell Mexican sweets and desserts for afterwards.

There’s typically music playing, and the busiest day is on Saturday so either plan for Saturday if you want the atmosphere, or avoid it if you want a quieter visit.

Tables become available as people leave, so you might have to wait a bit, but it’s worth it.

4. Wall Street Bar & Grill

Wall Street B&G was the first steak I’ve had in Midland, since I’ve moved here… I had the top sirloin, and it was absolutely perfect!!!
Darren, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-684-8686 | 📌: 115 E Wall St, Midland, TX 79701

Dive into this rustic saloon-style restaurant with excellent, perfectly cooked steak and other unique options like grilled quail.

The crab cakes are a hit, the gumbo is top notch, and the Shiner is the best option for dessert (in my personal opinion).

We go there often for the atmosphere alone (think: dark wood, an old school kind of feel), as well as the service which is consistently friendly and attentive.

It’s a great place to celebrate a special occasion as well, located in downtown Midland.

5. La Condesa

The food has been perfect every – single – visit. This was an absolute delight to be introduced to by a fellow local. I can not recommend it more. The food was truly delicious.
Riley, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-218-6859 | 📌: 310 S Terrell St, Midland, TX 79701

If you want a casual feel, La Condesa is a great option for breakfast or lunch.

It’s totally a local hang-out, and their Mexican rice is REALLY good. Get the green chicken enchiladas, the carne asada, or the cheese enchiladas for some of my favorites.

They get the food to you fast, and the more you go, the more you’ll feel like family.

It’s the definition of “hole in the wall,” or as I like to say, “hidden gem.”

6. The Fuel Bar

Photo credit: The Fuel Bar Facebook page
This has easily become our office spot for breakfast or afternoon snack. Oatmeal bowls are fabulous and so are the smoothie bowls
Lena, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-247-1655 | 📌: 610 N Big Spring St Suite A, Midland, TX 79701

The Fuel Bar is the best place to eat in downtown Midland when you want something local and healthy – they’ve got everything from acai bowls to smoothies to salads and wraps (the quinoa and shredded chicken wrap is my favorite).

Head here when you want something filling that’s not going to weigh you down or make you feel sluggish.

There are great vegan options if you’re vegan in Midland, as well as a nice little patio to eat on.  

7. Curb Side Bistro

Photo credit: Curb Side Bistro Facebook page
Went there for lunch with the wife, and as busy as they were things moved surprisingly fast. Order came out quick and food was delicious! Highly recommended!!!
Dimitri, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-218-8291 | 📌: 607 N Colorado St, Midland, TX 79701

Curb Side began in Odessa, but it’s now come to Midland so you can enjoy their sliders and fries that are absolutely delicious.

Try the Homer Simpson or the Mamma Jamma, and prepare your tastebuds for the spicy ketchup and cilantro ranch.

It’s fun, it’s funky, there’s plenty of places to sit and it’s a cool hangout in Midland with a unique drinks menu as well.

I think the prices are on point, and I recommend everyone driving through or staying near Midland to check it out.

8. Loncheria Rio Bravo

Photo credit: Loncheria Rio Bravo Facebook page
We have eaten at this place twice and have enjoyed it. The food is good and they give you plenty on our plate.
Helen, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-438-5252 | 📌: 1109 E Front St, Midland, TX 79701

Authentic Mexican food is on the menu at Loncheria Rio Bravo, a great place for a lunch break in Midland, with enchilada plates, asado burritos, and other classics.

The service is fast and the food is affordable and if you’re in this part of town, you should definitely check it out.

9. La Florida Mexican

Photo credit: La Florida Mexican Facebook page
Delicious flautas and gorditas made to order, super fresh!.
Camby, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-247-1343 | 📌: 200 W Florida Ave, Midland, TX 79701

Try the fish at La Florida, or opt for the meat soup, burritos, or menudo.

The atmosphere is welcoming and the flautas and gorditas are made to order – a must-try.

It’s authentic and the staff are very friendly, so if you want something local and not too overwhelming, check it out.

10. Tortilleria La Perla

Awesome Food,and great staff :very friendly and helpful,I drove over 3 hours just to eat in La Perla Tortilleria and Restaurant.
Estela, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-262-3457 | 📌: 510 E Florida Ave, Midland, TX 79701

The corn tortillas here are out-of-this-world good, and the restaurant is a great place for Mexican cuisine (or you can just get some to take out or some tortillas to take home).

Everything is fresh, the burritos are amazing, and the service is quick and friendly.

11. Luigi’s Italian

Photo credit: Luigi’s Italian Facebook page
What an excellent find it was when I was introduced to this restaurant during my last trip to Midland. The prices were very reasonable, the service was excellent, and the cuisine was very authentic for an Italian restaurant.
Marty, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-683-6363 | 📌: 111 N Big Spring St, Midland, TX 79701

Got a hankering for Italian food in Midland?

Luigi’s is a great bet – you’ve got incredible atmosphere with candle light, incredible homemade food ranging from pasta to meatballs to pizza and a ton of different dressings, and the service is excellent.

I’m obsessed with the chicken alfredo, but my husband adores the chicken parmesan (he wanted me to write that), and we both agree the cannoli is the best way to finish up.

12. Cancun Grill

Love this place. They have premium steak tacos and great seafood options. The Cuncun Jalapeños are unique and delicious.
Aaron, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-618-0390 | 📌: 223 W Wall St #121, Midland, TX 79701

There’s nothing like the tacos at Cancun Grill, another great Mexican option in Midland.

Have an evening of drinks with the Mexican martinis and jumbo margaritas, or indulge in vats of the corn queso (okay, that’s just my favorite).

13. Tall City Bistro

Photo credit: Tall City Bistro Facebook page
Nice little quaint place with great food and amazing service. A hidden gem in Midland, Texas! Their salsas are out of this world and their tacos and breakfast dishes are delicious.
Alba, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-247-1223 | 📌: 400 W Illinois Ave # 195, Midland, TX 79701

This quaint restaurant in Midland has some of the best breakfasts around, as well as a salsa bar and delicious tacos.

The French toast is fabulous, and the “hole in the wall” style just means everything is fresh and made with love by the chef, Manny.

Plus, you can get a waffle shaped like Texas, and that’s my kind of experience.

14. Main Street Diner

Couldn’t have choose a better place for breakfast
Excellent service food tastes amazing home made waitress treats you great makes you feel comfortable at all times
Saira, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-682-5970 | 📌: 611 S Main St, Midland, TX 79701

One of the best Midland diners is the Main Street Diner, helpfully located on Main Street so you can’t get too lost!

The small town feel is the best part – a true local favorite – and their breakfasts will hit the spot if you’re hoping for some Americana diner food and some seriously great coffee.

15. Los Elotones Changarrin

Photo credit: Los Elotones Changarrin Facebook page
If I could give them a ten, I would. They are fast and the snacks are bomb. I recommend this place to anyone craving a Mexican snack.
Roxy, Google Reviews

💻: website | 📞: 432-218-8543 | 📌: 1000 S Big Spring St, Midland, TX 79701

I’ve included this restaurant as it’s a fantastic place for authentic Mexican snacks in Midland!

They’ve got everything from jerky to corn to fruits and desserts – as well as churros and elotes.

Whether you want a banana split, shaved ice, or a glass of watermelon water – this is the place.

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