13 Best Restaurants in Wylie, Texas in 2024 (must-try!)

Looking for the best places to eat in Wylie, Texas?

This popular suburb of Dallas has the usual chains that we can’t go without, but it also has some more interesting fare more fit for foodies than a McDonald’s hamburger.

From authentic Tex-Mex and freshly made fajitas to out-of-this-world cheesesteaks and some great restaurants in Wylie for a special occasion, these are my picks for the best Wylie restaurants after spending a lot of time in this Texas city and sampling the best food in Wylie (someone had to do it!).

So if you’ve come wondering where to eat in Wylie, then this list is for you!

PS – if you have any great places to eat in Wylie you’d love to share with me, definitely comment below!

1. Frankie’s Casa

Photo credit: Frankie’s Casa Facebook page

Frankie’s Casa is a popular Mexican restaurant located on the north side of downtown Wylie.

It stands out with its unique setting—a converted house complete with a charming patio in front.

Although parking might require a short walk due to the lack of a dedicated lot, the dining experience is well worth it.

The restaurant is part of a small chain that has been serving the area for years.

Once inside, you’ll be greeted by friendly and attentive staff who provide excellent service.

The menu at Frankie’s Casa offers a wide selection of mouthwatering dishes that cater to various preferences.

From flavorful tacos and quesadillas to delicious fajitas and enchiladas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Their salsa is especially praised for its great taste without overwhelming spiciness.

Frankie’s Casa has garnered a loyal following for its tasty food and delightful ambiance.

Whether you choose to dine on the shaded patio or indoors, you’re in for a treat.

Be prepared for potential wait times, as the restaurant’s popularity can lead to busy periods.

But rest assured, the overall experience, combined with the attentive service and delicious food, makes it a place worth returning to.

2. Ballard Street Café

Photo credit: Ballard Street Cafe Facebook page

Looking for the best restaurant in Wylie?

Located in downtown Wylie, Ballard Street Cafe is a hidden gem that exudes warmth and charm.

This beloved spot offers a delightful dining experience, from the attentive service to the cozy ambiance.

Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast or a satisfying brunch, this cafe is the place to be.

Their breakfast menu is a crowd-pleaser, featuring dishes like steak and eggs, country fried steak with eggs, and mouthwatering French toast.

The generous portions are accompanied by a variety of delicious sides, including their highly recommended gumbo and onion rings.

However, the culinary delights don’t stop at breakfast—the regular menu boasts delectable options like the patty melt sandwich, chicken fried chicken, and chicken ranchero.

The welcoming atmosphere extends to families, with kid-friendly amenities like crayons to keep the little ones entertained.

The down-to-earth staff treats everyone like regular folk, and the prices are fair, making it a great spot for gatherings with friends, church partners, or small family get-togethers.

3. Mijas Taqueria

Photo credit: Mijas Taqueria Facebook page

If you’re wondering where to eat in Wylie, Texas, Mijas Taqueria is a must-visit taqueria in Wylie, serving up authentic Mexican flavors that won’t disappoint.

Locals flock to this family-owned gem for their extensive menu and delicious offerings.

Whether you’re craving traditional menudo with tortillas or mouthwatering tacos sold individually, Mijas delivers on flavor and value.

Their menu is a treasure trove of options, from enchiladas and seafood to tamales and breakfast dishes served all day.

The street taco-sized flour tortillas are a standout feature, and the carne de res, carnitas, and cochinita pibil fillings are packed with flavor.

You won’t want to miss their amazing red salsa, striking the perfect balance between taste and spice.

With ample seating inside and a welcoming patio, Mijas Taqueria provides a comfortable setting to enjoy your meal.

The friendly and attentive staff ensure quick service, making it a convenient option for a satisfying meal.

4. Napoli’s Italian

Photo credit: Napoli’s Italian Facebook page

From primavera Alfredo to Stromboli, Napoli’s Italian offers some fantastic Italian cuisine when in Wylie.

The family-friendly atmosphere makes it easy to take the kids here, and they also order delivery and pickup in case you need to enjoy the food from home rather than in the restaurant.

The portions are generous, and they have takeout containers so you don’t have to waste a single bit of pasta.

Try the lasagne for some out-of-this-world flavors, or vegetarians can enjoy the variety of veggie options.

Garlic rolls are the perfect side dish, and locals love Napoli’s for its friendly service and consistently quality experience.

You know what you’re going to get – and that’s a great meal at good prices.

5. Cheesesteak House

Photo credit: Cheesesteak House Facebook page

Cheesesteak House is a cheese steak lover’s dream come true.

The name says it all – this is the go-to spot for exceptional cheese steaks.

With an extensive menu to explore, the focus remains on their mouthwatering signature sandwiches.

The affordable prices make Cheesesteak House even more enticing.

Alongside the standout cheese steaks, you’ll find deliciously seasoned fries and an array of sauce options to elevate your meal.

The friendly staff and ample seating ensure a nice visit for everyone.

With sports playing on the screens, you can also enjoy your meal while catching up on the latest games.

6. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

Photo credit: Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Facebook page

This counter service taco chain is a local favorite, serving up delicious tacos and a great list of drinks.

Stop by for breakfast for the breakfast tacos or try a mahi taco for lunch or dinner.

Fan favorites include the chips and queso, California heat taco and the taco plates with a choice of two sides.

Not in the mood for tacos?

Fuzzy’s also serves up nachos, quesadillas and burrito bowls and salads in case you’re trying to save on the calories.

It’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s baja style tacos in the heart of Texas – you can’t go wrong.

7. Chiloso Mexican Bistro

Photo credit: Chiloso Facebook page

Chiloso Mexican Bistro is a beloved Tex-Mex restaurant that consistently delivers mouthwatering dishes.

The menu offers a variety of tempting options, but some standout choices include the hatch chile enchiladas and the fried avocado.

While the hatch chile enchiladas lean towards the milder side, you can easily add more spice to suit your preference.

The fried avocado is always cooked to perfection, making it a delightful and unique treat.

What sets Chiloso Mexican Bistro apart is their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Whether you choose to dine in or opt for convenient pickup, the food remains consistently delicious.

The enchilada platter is a favorite among patrons, particularly when paired with their flavorful borracho beans.

Even if you can’t finish the whole serving at once, the leftovers taste just as fantastic when reheated.

Chiloso Mexican Bistro has earned a reputation as a go-to spot for authentic Mexican cuisine, leaving diners eager to return and explore more of their menu.

If you’re in search of the best build-your-own burritos, look no further than Chiloso Mexican Bistro.

Their customizable burrito options are a true delight, satisfying even the most discerning burrito enthusiasts.

8. Fish N Tails Oyster Bar

Photo credit: Fish N Tails Oyster Bar Facebook page

Whether you’re looking for fried catfish, a dozen oysters, fried shrimp, crab legs, buffalo wings, or something else entirely, Fish N Tails Oyster Bar is one of the best places for a meal with family and friends.

It’s a top notch seafood spot, with excellent prices, service, and quality.

An open dining area makes for great people watching and socializing, and they often stream sports events as well.

Go for the fish taco, or try the clam chowder or ceviche.

The draft beer is also always cold and refreshing and locals love the friendly nature of the bartenders.

9. MOD Pizza

Photo credit: MOD Pizza Facebook page

Build your own pizza at MOD, a counter service chain in Wylie with an industrial style and outdoor seating to take advantage when the weather is nice.

You can also do take-out or delivery, and the open kitchen means you can watch while the staff cook your meal.

The prices are great, the service is fast, and they have a really fantastic cinnamon dessert pizza that you have to try.

If you’re not in the mood for pizza, there are also salads that I also enjoy.  

10. Bluefin Sushi

Photo credit: Bluefin Sushi Facebook page

From tempura shrimp to the miso soup and house salad, Bluefin Sushi has so many options that you can keep coming back and easily trying different things on the menu.

Portion sizes are seriously generous and the key lime pie is a great way to end your meal.

The chef can help you make choices if you’re not familiar with sushi, and everything is super fresh and made to order, which means you’re guaranteed a good experience no matter what day you visit.   

11. Rosa’s Cafe and Tortilla Factory

Photo credit: Rosas Cafe and Tortilla Factory

This Mexican fast food chain is one of the best in the area, with a large restaurant style seating area that you can eat in (or take out is fine too!).

They have Taco Specials, delicious tamales, enchiladas, and of course chips and queso, and the beef fajitas are one of my favorite options.

Try the breakfast tacos to start your day right, or opt for the family fajitas deal if you’re feeding a few people.

It’s clean, cheap, quick, and easy, and you get some great Tex Mex, so what’s not to love?   

12. Linke’s BBQ

Photo credit: Linke’s BBQ Facebook page

If you’re in the mood food some BBQ, Linke’s is the place to go!

Try the brisket, turkey, or German sausage, and enjoy the potato casserole as well as the mac & cheese if you really want something to write home about.

You can dine in or take out, and this is such a hidden gem in the heart of Wylie.

The atmosphere is relaxing and rustic, with the smell of smoked meats setting the scene for a great meal.

To finish, I always go for the Peach Cobbler – a must-try, 10/10, get it every time!   

13. Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers

Photo credit: Freddy’s Facebook page

Looking for a steakburger? Hot dog? Frozen custard?

This chain serves up American classics vintage-style, and the customer service is a 10/10, making you feel totally at home.

The spicy crispy chicken sandwich is a fan favorite, and of course the Oreo ice cream is one of the best options if you don’t know what to choose as it is always a good idea.

There are also kid’s combos if you want to feed the little ones with smaller portions, and the fries with seasoning on top make this one of our picks for the best places to eat in Wylie.  

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