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I’ve visited Dallas countless times in my travels of the US, so I know what to look out for (and what to avoid) to make the most of your time in this wonderful city.

From trolley tours to JFK tours to walking tours, they’re all led by expert guides who have a genuine passion for Dallas and helping you uncover its hidden secrets (and there are more than you’d think!).

If you’re like, just cut to the chase already, don’t worry: the best Dallas tour is this small group sightseeing tour of Dallas.

It has a great rating with 390 reviews, so you can’t go wrong.

But if you want to see what your other options are, including Dallas city tours and fun Dallas tours, here are more tours of Dallas that are definitely worth your time and what I love about each.

PS – booking in advance is always highly recommended so you don’t miss out.

Easy Guide: Best Dallas Tours

#1 PICK 🏆Small Group Sightseeing Tour of Dallas4.5 out of 5 Stars, 390+ reviews▶ Book Here!
#2 PICKJFK Assassination and Museum Tour with Lee Harvey Oswald Rooming House5 out of 5 stars, 920+ reviews▶ Book Here!
#3 PICKParty Bike Pub Crawl in Deep Ellum and Downtown Dallas5 out of 5 stars,
230+ reviews
▶ Book Here!

1. Small Group Sightseeing Tour of Dallas: best Dallas tours

⭐️ RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars, 390+ reviews | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours | ✔️ BOOK NOW

Join a small-group tour of Dallas and experience the city’s vibrant culture, history, and iconic landmarks.

An expert guide will take you on a journey to some of the most renowned attractions in the city, providing fascinating insights and insider knowledge along the way.

The adventure starts at Pioneer Plaza, a stunning public park that features a remarkable display of bronze sculptures depicting a cattle drive.

As you make your way through the city, you’ll learn about the history of Dallas, its evolution from a small trading post to a modern metropolis, and the role it played in shaping Texas and the United States.

Next, head to Dallas City Hall, a stunning architectural masterpiece designed by the renowned architect I.M. Pei.

Admire the modernist style of the building and learn about its significance to the city’s government and residents.

Finally, visit Dealey Plaza, where JFK was shot, a site of great historical significance and remembrance.

Here, your guide will provide you with a detailed account of the events that took place on that fateful day and the impact it had on the city and the nation.

With both morning and afternoon departure times available, this tour is perfect for those who want to experience the best of Dallas without worrying about getting lost or missing out on any of the city’s highlights.

2. JFK Assassination and Museum Tour with Lee Harvey Oswald Rooming House

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars, 920+ reviews | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours | ✔️ BOOK NOW

Step back in time and delve into one of the most fascinating chapters in American history with this historical tour to the Grassy Knoll and JFK Memorial in Dallas.

Discover the powerful and tragic events that unfolded on November 22, 1963, as your expert guide leads you through the sites where they took place.

As you stand at the Grassy Knoll, the site where the infamous shooting occurred, your guide will separate the facts from the theories and give you a comprehensive account of the events leading up to the assassination, the shooting itself, and the aftermath.

Gain a deeper understanding of the historical context and significance of this moment in American history as your guide expertly navigates the complex and nuanced narrative.

The tour also includes a visit to the Kennedy Memorial, a solemn tribute to the 35th president of the United States, and an opportunity to pay your respects to a leader who was taken from the nation too soon.

Your guide will provide context and insight into the life and legacy of JFK, highlighting the qualities that made him such a beloved and iconic figure in American history.

With all transportation and entrance fees included, you can relax and focus on the history and significance of the sites you visit.

This tour is perfect for history buffs and anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of one of the most significant events in American history.

3. Party Bike Pub Crawl in Deep Ellum and Downtown Dallas: best tours in Dallas

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars, 230+ reviews | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours | ✔️ BOOK NOW

Discover a whole new way to experience Dallas’ vibrant nightlife with a unique pub crawl adventure aboard the Party Bike.

This multi-passenger bike is the ultimate party machine, perfect for groups of friends or anyone looking to explore the city’s thriving bar scene in a fun and memorable way.

The tour takes you through the trendy Deep Ellum neighborhood, known for its eclectic mix of bars, restaurants, and music venues.

Pedal your way through the streets with your group and stop at three of the most popular bars or pubs in the area.

At each stop, take advantage of VIP drink specials or bring your own drinks to enjoy on board.

The Party Bike’s on-board sound system sets the mood with your favorite tunes, making it the perfect backdrop for a night of unforgettable fun.

With a maximum group size of 15, this is an intimate and personalized tour that’s tailored to your group’s preferences and interests.

Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or simply enjoy a few drinks with friends, the Party Bike is the perfect way to explore Dallas’ vibrant nightlife.

4. Historic Dallas Segway Tour: Dallas tour

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars, 195+ reviews | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours | ✔️ BOOK NOW

Experience the best of Dallas in style with an exhilarating 2-hour Segway tour.

This eco-friendly and fun mode of transportation allows you to cover more ground and see more sites than you would on a walking or coach tour.

Your expert guide will provide easy-to-follow instructions on how to operate the Segway before leading you on a journey through the heart of downtown Dallas.

You’ll visit historic landmarks and other important sites on this Dallas tour, such as Pioneer Plaza, the John F Kennedy Memorial, and Dealey Plaza, while enjoying fascinating commentary from your guide.

As you glide through the bustling streets, take in the vibrant atmosphere of downtown Dallas and learn about the city’s rich culture and history.

Pass through the Dallas Arts District, home to some of the city’s most iconic museums and galleries, and discover hidden gems and local favorites that you won’t find in any guidebook.

With the Segway as your trusty steed, you’ll cover more ground and see more of the city’s landmarks and attractions than you ever thought possible in just two hours.

This tour is perfect for anyone looking for a unique and exciting way to explore Dallas and its many sights.

5. Dallas Food and Culture Tour

⭐️ RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars, 120+ reviews | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours | ✔️ BOOK NOW

Discover the mouth-watering culinary culture of Dallas like never before on a 2-hour Tex-Mex tasting tour – one of the best Dallas food tours.

Simply bring $30 cash and hand it to your expert guide upon arrival – no need to worry about payment methods.

Paying in cash means you’ll save time waiting in lines and receive exclusive discounts, allowing you to indulge in a wide range of delectable dishes.

This personalized small-group tour, limited to a maximum of 15 people, will take you to four of Dallas’s most popular foodie hotspots, where you’ll have the chance to savor a variety of Tex-Mex delicacies.

From spicy tacos and hearty chili to crispy deep-fried bites and scrumptious desserts, your taste buds will be in for a treat.

Begin your culinary journey in Downtown Dallas, the perfect starting point. As you explore the city’s vibrant food scene, your guide will share fascinating insights into Dallas’s rich history and culture.

With this tour, you’ll gain insider knowledge on the best foodie spots, avoid long lines, and get the best value for your money.

So, book your Tex-Mex tasting tour now and prepare for a gastronomic adventure like no other!

6. Dallas and Cowboys Stadium Combo Tour

⭐️ RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars, 40+ reviews | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 6 hours 30 minutes | ✔️ BOOK NOW

Discover the best of Dallas in one exciting tour that combines two of the city’s most popular attractions.

This small-group combo tour is perfect for those who want to see all the top sights and experiences in Dallas in just one day.

The tour begins with an overview of the city’s landmarks, including the stunning Pioneer Plaza, a sculpture garden featuring life-size bronze cattle and cowboys.

You’ll also visit the JFK Memorial, which commemorates the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and the Old Red Courthouse, a beautiful building that now houses a museum showcasing the history of Dallas.

Next, you’ll head to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, home to one of the most beloved football teams in the country.

Your expert guide will lead you through the stadium on this Dallas, Texas tour, providing an inside look at all the inner workings of this impressive facility.

You’ll get to see the press box where journalists cover the games, the locker rooms where the players prepare for battle, and the private suites where VIPs watch the game in luxury.

You’ll even get to visit the post-game interview room, where players and coaches answer questions after the game.

One of the most exciting parts of the tour is the opportunity to step onto the field and throw a football.

This is a great chance to feel like a real football player and get a sense of what it’s like to play in this incredible stadium.

Throughout the tour, your guide will share fascinating insights into Texas history and top Dallas sights.

You’ll learn about the city’s rich past and how it has evolved into the thriving metropolis it is today.

And with a small-group format, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and interact with your guide.

7. Haunted Dallas Ghost and Pub Walking Tour

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars, 97+ reviews | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours 30 minutes | ✔️ BOOK NOW

Tour Dallas as you get ready for a spine-tingling adventure as you discover the haunted side of Dallas on a walking tour at night.

Led by a knowledgeable guide, you’ll explore the historical district of downtown Dallas, where you’ll visit four bars located in old buildings, each with its own set of ghost stories and legends.

Whether you’re a believer in the supernatural or simply looking for a thrill, this tour is sure to give you an unforgettable experience.

Throughout the tour, your guide will regale you with some of the city’s top mysteries and creepiest haunted tales, adding an eerie atmosphere to your exploration of the city’s past.

You’ll hear about the spirits of former residents who still linger in the area, including the ghosts of cowboys, soldiers, and even a famous celebrity who may have met a tragic end.

As you walk from bar to bar, you’ll have the chance to soak up the atmosphere of each location, with their dimly lit interiors and historic charm.

And while drinks are at your own expense, the bars you visit are some of the most popular in the city, each with their own unique character and ambiance.

One of the best parts of this tour is the small group size, which ensures personal service and the opportunity to ask questions and interact with your guide.

And because the tour is wheelchair accessible, everyone can participate in the spooky fun.

8. Southfork Ranch and the TV Series Dallas Tour

⭐️ RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars, 80+ reviews | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours | ✔️ BOOK NOW

Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the glamorous world of ‘Dallas’ on a tour of Southfork Ranch.

This is your chance to walk in the footsteps of the show’s legendary characters and experience the iconic location where the drama and parties took place.

Join a knowledgeable guide and a small group of 11 people or fewer to explore the historic home and its beautiful grounds.

You’ll learn all about the history of the mansion and the making of the beloved television series, as your guide takes you through the most memorable filming locations.

One of the highlights of the tour is a guided train ride through the property, offering a unique perspective on the scenic surroundings and a chance to see real Texas Longhorns and American Quarter Horses.

With its beautiful landscapes and fascinating wildlife, Southfork Ranch is a truly stunning location that you won’t want to miss.

Throughout the tour, you’ll be captivated by the stories and secrets that made ‘Dallas’ one of the most iconic television series of all time.

As you walk around the mansion and its grounds, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time to the era of the Ewing family, with its larger-than-life characters and gripping plotlines.

9. John F. Kennedy Trolley Tour in Dallas

⭐️ RATING: 4.5 out of 5 Stars, 50+ reviews | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 1 hour | ✔️ BOOK NOW

Prepare to step back in time and relive one of the most tragic and pivotal moments in American history with the original JFK tour.

This immersive experience will transport you to November 22, 1963, and take you on a journey through the streets of Dallas, following the very motorcade route that President John F. Kennedy traveled on that fateful day.

As you ride through the city, you’ll be transported to Dealey Plaza, the site of the assassination, where you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on the events that unfolded that day and pay your respects to the fallen leader.

From there, the trolley will leave downtown and take you on a chronological journey through the life of Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of Kennedy’s murder.

The tour will take you to significant locations such as the Texas Theater, where Oswald was captured, and the Officer JD Tippet murder scene, where Oswald allegedly killed a police officer before his capture.

You’ll also visit Oswald’s rooming house, the old city jail, Jack Ruby’s infamous dance club, and the old county jail, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the events leading up to and following the assassination.

10. Downtown Dallas Sightseeing & History 2 Hour E-Scooter tour

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars, 90+ reviews | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours 15 minutes | ✔️ BOOK NOW

Join our exhilarating e-scooter tour and experience the heart of downtown Dallas like never before.

The tour is designed to make you feel like a true local as you hop on an easy-to-ride electric scooter and zoom around the city’s top sights, including the famous Dealey Plaza and the fascinating Giant Eyeball.

But that’s not all!

An expert guide will take you to some of the hidden gems that only the locals know about, such as the Dallas Farmer’s Market and Klyde Warren Park.

With a customizable itinerary, you can see the sights that matter most to you and experience Dallas on your own terms.

The tour covers more ground than a traditional walking tour, allowing you to explore the vibrant Deep Ellum, the bustling Dallas Arts District, and the AT&T Discovery District in a shorter amount of time.

You’ll hear fascinating stories about Dallas’ rich history and culture, making for a truly immersive experience.

Forget about the hassle of traffic and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of an e-scooter as you weave your way through the city streets.

Choose from morning or afternoon departures to fit your travel plans and enjoy an intimate small-group experience with up to five people, ensuring that you get personalized attention from the guide.

11. Dallas and JFK Cruizer Tour

⭐️ RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars, 260+ reviews | ⏳ TOUR LENGTH: 2 hours | ✔️ BOOK NOW

Experience Dallas in a more environmentally-friendly way by hopping aboard an all-electric Cruizer for a unique sightseeing tour.

With a maximum of six passengers, you’ll enjoy a personalized experience with your licensed guide as you zip through Downtown Dallas.

During the tour, you’ll visit some of Dallas’ most iconic landmarks, including Pioneer Plaza, the Dallas Police Memorial, and John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza.

Admire stunning views of Klyde Warren Park and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the Dallas Arts District.

This one-hour tour allows you to cover more ground and see more of Dallas than a traditional walking tour.

It’s the perfect introduction to the city, giving you a taste of all its highlights in just one hour. Choose from multiple departure times throughout the day to fit your schedule.

With a maximum of six people, you’ll enjoy an intimate small-group experience with personalized attention from your guide.

Join us on the electric Cruizer tour and explore Dallas in a unique and eco-friendly way.

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