Images of things to do in Freeport, Texas

19 Awesome Things to Do in Freeport, Texas (must-sees!)

Nestled along the Gulf of Mexico, Freeport is a coastal playground for outdoor enthusiasts.

Though it may be small in size, in true Texas style it has big heart!

From deep sea fishing to snorkeling, boat tours to paddleboarding, the water calls you to explore.

But there’s plenty to do on land as well.

Take a family hike in a nature reserve or spend an afternoon learning together at a museum.

No matter how you like to unwind, here are some ideas to get your vacation off to a great start.


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How to get around Freeport

Like most of Texas, the best way to get around Freeport is to explore on your own by car!

If you’re visiting and need to rent a car, we highly recommend Discover Cars where they find you the best car rental deals from all of the competitors (has saved us so much money!).

Where to stay in Freeport

From renovated VRBOS to boutique hotels, here are the best places to stay in Freport on every budget!

  • ($$) Gulf Crest Motel – from complimentary soda in your room fridge to a management team that will go above and beyond, the Gulf Crest Motel is a great hotel in Freeport, Texas, and it’s close to the beach! The area is peaceful, the rooms are comfortable, and it’s all around a great place to stay. Check prices and reviews here.

Don’t forget to pack…

For all of your opportunities to hit the beach, don’t forget to bring:

1. Bryan Beach

Beautiful Texas beach

One of the simplest and fun things to do in Freeport is to head to the beach.

At Bryan Beach, drive your (street legal) car right onto the sand, pick your spot, and soak up the sun.

The shore provides ample space for the kids to build a sandcastle or wade out into the warm water. Even the family dog can join in the festivities.

But don’t let the fun stop there.

You can even camp for free on the beach and fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing onto the shore.

Bryan is a natural beach, so bring everything you need with you and be sure to pick up after yourself.

2. Surfside Beach

Sunrise at Surfside Beach, Texas

Four miles of coastline make up this beach just next door to Freeport.

Lay out your towel and relax in the sun.

Or, like Bryan Beach, drive right onto the sand and listen to your favorite tunes.

Invite your friends for a day of leisure and laughs while sunbathing or swimming.

If shelling is your thing, Surfside Beach is one of the best places to add to your collection.

There are roughly 600 shell species that can be found on the shore.

Be sure to check state regulations before bringing your treasures home.

3. Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary

Image: FGBNMS – sea nettle jelly. National Marine Sanctuary. via Flickr.

The Gulf of Mexico’s only marine sanctuary is certainly one of the most unique ways to experiencing Freeport sightseeing.

Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary provides a safe haven for colorful coral, crustaceans, mollusks, and many other organisms. 

Born from the desire to protect vulnerable aquatic life from human activity, the area provides shelter and educational opportunities to visitors.

Depending on the time of year, you may even be lucky enough to catch the coral spawning (usually in August), or spot some squid, rays, or even sharks.

Due to the sensitivity of the environment, it is advised to visit the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary website before your trip to learn more about reef etiquette.

4. Texas Caribbean Charters

Charter boat
Image: Texas Caribbean Charters Facebook Page

Booking a dive charter is one of the most exciting Freeport attractions.

Step aboard the Fling and let the captain and crew take you under the waves to behold the beauty with your very own eyes.

Dive charters provide a means to see the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary up close and personally.

Go on a three-day excursion to see breathtaking coral reefs and vibrant fish or go for a blackwater dive by the moonlight.

Check the Texas Caribbean website to ensure you have the proper licensing and to see what you can bring with you.

5. Gulf Coast Fishing Charters

Man fishing on the Gulf Coast Fishing Charter boat
Photo credit: Gulf Coast Fishing Charters Facebook Page

Another of the popular things to do in Freeport is to reserve a fishing charter and have your own marine adventure.

Let an experienced captain take you into the blue waters to reel in fish of Texas-sized proportions like wahoo, red snapper, tuna, and bull dolphin.

Or maybe try your hand at spearfishing.

Charters hold up to six people.

You’re sure to have a blast making memories with your family and friends.

And after a day well spent in the sun and surf, enjoy the freshest catch of the day, yours!

Don’t worry about bringing your own fishing gear.

All you need is a license!

6. Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge

Caracara flying over the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge
Image: Caracara in Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge. Dan Pancamo. [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Flickr

Spanning 44,413 acres and housing hundreds of species of birds, reptiles and amphibians, butterflies and dragonflies, The Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge is a great place to stretch your legs and take in some scenery.

Head to the Discovery Center to grab some maps and check out the educational displays, or even do some birding in the air conditioning.

Bring your camera and take a walk down the Big Slough boardwalk for some of the best photo ops Texas has to offer.

Take a hike on the Hickner Birding Trail, or if you prefer the bigger picture, take the family on a slow drive or bike ride on the Big Slough Auto Tour.  

7. Freeport Wetlands Trail & Bird Observatory

Freshwater marsh

If birds are what you’re after, a walk along the Freeport Wetlands Trail is one of the best Freeport things to do.

This one-mile trail circles 50 acres of freshwater marsh that even the smallest hikers can tackle.

Winter is a great time to see the ducks and geese that come to get out of the cold north.

But any time of year is a good time to get up bright and early to see and photograph the fascinating birds that call Texas home.

8. Old Brazos River

Kayaks laying on the bank at Old Brazos River in Freeport, Texas
Image: Our Kayaks at Old Railroad Bridge Supports, Brazos River , Downstream from Hwy 290 1208161623. Patrick Feller. [CC by 2.0] via Flickr

The mouth of the Brazos River is the location of many Freeport activities.

Visit the Freeport Marina for stunning views or watch the boats and yachts set sail or come in to dock.

Head down to the park and let the kids play in the splash pad and while you’re there, rent a bodyboard or paddleboard and get out on the water with the family.

Grab a kayak and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of nature.

If you’re feeling up for some big fun, rent jet skis and race your friends down the river.

Or why not just find a spot to cozy up with the one you love and watch the sunset?

9. Freeport Municipal Golf Course

Freeport golf course
Photo credit: Freeport Golf Course Facebook Page

If golf is your game, look no further than Freeport Municipal Golf Course.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, there’s a place for everyone here.

Book online ahead of time, gather your friends, and have a ball playing 18 holes on 7,200 yards of Texas terrain with an abundance of water.

This course provides a highly affordable way to spend a day getting your swings in.

The open landscape means you may just have some visitors too, maybe even an alligator or two.

10. Fort Velasco

Fort Velasco sign
Image: Old mouth of the Brazos River, Surfside TX. Roy Luck. [CC by 2.0] via Flickr

Tucked away near Freeport is the replica of the historic Fort Velasco.

While the original fort was destroyed by a hurricane in the year 1900, this replica serves to remind the public of the beginnings of Texas history.

This small palisade marks the spot where the 1832 Battle of Velasco took place after Stephen F. Austin and the “old 300” original colonists arrived, and before the Texas Revolution that changed the country’s history.

History buffs will enjoy reenactments including cannon fire and the chance to see the fort as it would have looked almost two centuries ago.

11. Freeport Historical Museum

Exterior of the Freeport Historical Museum
Photo credit: Freeport Historical Museum Facebook Page

When visiting a new place, it’s always a good idea to learn more about its history.

A museum is also a great way to beat the heat and enjoy some time with the family.

The Freeport Historical Museum is one of the best things to see in Freeport.

You will learn about the city’s Spanish roots and its path from establishment in 1912 through present day.

With its scale models and interactive exhibits, visitors of all ages will find something of interest.

The museum hosts many events throughout the year including Fort Velasco Day in June with a cast of characters giving a living history and a ghost walk in late October.

12. KidFest

Kids having fun at the Freeport Annual Kidfest
Photo credit: Freeport KidFest Facebook Page

Every August, kids rule the scene.

Bring the whole family down to Historic Freeport for pizza and hot dogs.

Let them test their endurance in the ninja warrior courses and their speed in the trike race.

Challenge them to see how high they can climb on the rock wall.

Pose for a silly caricature to hang on the wall or get your faces painted.

This annual event is held in Memorial Park.

It’s free and open to the public.

13. Blue Water RV Resort

Blue Water RV Park
Photo credit: Blue Water RV Park Facebook Page

This isn’t your typical campground.

A stay at the Blue Water RV Resort is one of the best things to do in Freeport.

Park and hook up your unit along the canal and wetlands and enjoy beautiful views of the Gulf.

Don’t have an RV? No problem! The resort offers rental cottages as well.

Everything you need is at your fingertips including a top-notch laundry facility.

Take your boat or paddleboard out on the water from the private boat ramp or make a day of it at the nearby beach.

And when you just want to unwind without the hassle of leaving the grounds, the pool offers a great place to cool off.

14. Brazosport Center for the Arts & Sciences

Actor performing at the Brazosport Center for the Arts
Photo credit: Brazosport Center for the Arts & Sciences Facebook Page

Located in nearby Clute, the Brazosport Center for the Arts & Sciences has a wealth of interesting activities that are sure to please everyone.

Visit the Art League studio and gallery to take in the creations of artists local and international.

Maybe even join a workshop to learn how to create your own pieces.

The Planetarium offers a low-cost way to explore the vastness of space without leaving your seat.

Spend an evening immersing yourself in culture while enjoying the talents of Brazosport’s own Symphony Orchestra or a live theatre event.

Or take the family to the Brazosport Museum of Natural Science to get an up-close look at some prehistoric fossils and the region’s largest seashell collection.

Dino fossils at the Brazosport Museum of Natural Science
Photo credit: Brazosport Museum of Natural Science Facebook Page

15. Pop’s Pizza Arcade/Barcadia Pool Hall & Sports Bar

Claw machine at Pop's Pizza Arcade
Photo credit: Pop’s Pizza Arcade Facebook Page

After a day of fun, want some more stuff to do in Freeport?

Why stop before dinnertime?

Pop’s is the place to go for the whole family to keep the energy high.

Share a homemade pie from the pizzeria with the kids before playing some of the 75 classic arcade games on the floor.

Grab a drink at the full bar and play a round of pool with your buddies.

What better way to enjoy time spent together than through food and merriment?

16. On the River Restaurant

Burger from the On the River Restaurant in Freeport, Texas
Photo credit: On the River Restaurant Facebook Page

Got seafood on your mind?

Head to On the River for some of the best local fare in a casual environment.

If you can’t decide what to order, try a seafood platter teeming with fried catfish, shrimp, oysters, and a cup of gumbo.

But don’t be fooled, On the River isn’t a one-trick pony.

You can also enjoy some of the best burgers around, and maybe throw in a side of fried pickles or delicious hand-breaded onion rings.

17. Hooks on the Brazos

Lunch on the Brazos Waterfront
Photo credit: Hooks on the Brazos Facebook Page

If you just can’t get enough seafood, Hooks has your back.

Not only do they serve some of the freshest seafood around, there is no better way to enjoy it than right on the water.

Imagine eating crab legs or a po’ boy as the sun sets on the horizon.

Patrons can also be entertained by live musicians, or be the entertainment on karaoke night.

18. Sweet T’s Diner

Patio at Sweet T's Diner
Photo credit: Sweet T’s Diner Facebook Page

For a meal with southern flare, Sweet T’s menu will fit the bill.

Enjoy a stick-to-your-ribs breakfast of chicken fried steak or an omelet.

Kids will love the baby pancakes, and you’ll love the price.

And for dinner, choose anything from succulent surf-and-turf to a hearty pattie melt.  

19. Captain Mark’s Seafood Market

Ice cold seafood from Captain Mark's Seafood Market in Freeport, Texas
Photo credit: Captain Mark’s Seafood Market Facebook Page

And when it comes to making your own meals, a trip to the seafood market is one of the top things to do in Freeport.

When you want the freshest fish and seafood possible, but not the hassle of catching it yourself, this is the way to go.

Or you can choose cooked products for a quick meal to go.

Open every day but Monday, Captain Mark’s selection changes daily, so keep your eyes on their Facebook page for items you don’t want to miss. Captain Mark’s will even peel and devein your shrimp free of charge.

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